Fleet Sanitization

₹269 ₹299


 We follow the 2LP treatment process for fleet sanitization as follows:

  • Firstly we will use specialized chemicals to make your car space including all the hand touchable areas from top to bottom germ(macro-level like worms, mites) free.
  • Now, after the initial treatment, we will go with the high temperature treatment of all the places wherein the treatment with chemical has been done.
  • This process will ensure the removal of all the bacteria and Viruses.


  • All the touchable surfaces in the cars/vans/trucks/buses

Specialized chemicals approved by WHO & Indian Govt from Johnson Diversey brand like:

  • Oxivir 5 16
  • Virex II 256
  • Micro-fiber dusters
  • Spray Machine
  • Steam Machine

Pre Treatment

1. The vehicle should be completely empty. No valuables or vehicle papers to be left inside

Post Treatment

1. The vehicle is ready to use post-treatment

  • 15 mins for 5 seater
  • 20 mins for 7 seater
  • Ready to use post service

It is a 360-degree process which includes sanitizing every single area in the car starting from the car keys, car gate locks/handles, steering wheel, gear box, dashboard, window keys, seat covers(leatherite), etc. and all other places which can come in direct contact with hands.