Fumigation Treatment

₹As per Requirements

  • In this process the premises will undergo dense fogging treatment with Johnson Diversey chemicals that will make sure that the HIV, Coronavirus, Swine flu and all the harmful viruses that cannot be seen via naked eyes/ which are suspended in air are destroyed making the workplace absolutely hygienic and germ free
  • The chemical will slowly descend and get absorbed on the surface of tangible articles, thereby eliminating all of the above mentioned viruses
  • All the hand touachable surfaces, tangible articles and the air present in the facility 
  •  Specialised chemicals recommended by WHO & Government of India - Johnson Diversey (Oxivir 5 16 & Virex II 56) and Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Thermal Fogging Machine
  • Pre Treatment
    1. The fire alarms systems, smoke detectors need to be disabled before the treatment starts.
    2. Our team would require a HK staff/supervisor for the movement of client’s assets.
  • Post Treatment
    1. The treated area needs to be kept in isolation for 2 hours post treatment.
    2. The air in the treated area can be exhausted with the help of an exhaust post treatment to expedite resumption of operation.
  • For 5000 sq ft area, 30 mins 
  • 120 mins
  • We use high-end machinery and chemicals for the treatment carried out by our inhouse trained and verified professionals